Infidelity at the office I want more!


They had been seeing each other in the office for weeks and hiding in front of their colleagues. The fire that emanated from within each time their gazes met. Just seeing him sitting at her desk in front of her computer made her breath shake, remembering that on that same desk he penetrated her as if there was no tomorrow, it heated her to such a degree that she could hardly tolerate underwear, which is why lately I was going to work without her. Every time her colleagues were immersed in their work, she took the opportunity to brush his crotch, staring into his eyes, since they both worked face to face, to make things even easier lately she had preferred the Dresses.


She was usually hallucinating when he slipped into the skirt of her dress and once again relieved the fire that burned inside her.


For him to work so closely and not being able to have her drove him crazy, he could notice under the desk when she secretly touched herself and looked into his eyes to satisfy his desire a little, he loved how her cheeks turned red and how her neck leaned. backward whenever she lost control of herself. She had been resisting her charms, her burning gaze, and her tempting body for days. This game was getting more and more dangerous; they would surely lose their jobs if they checked the security cameras and obviously their personal lives would be totally destroyed. But he couldn't just leave it like that. How could he calm the daily excitement that appeared in his pants when he saw her arrive?


That's why when I noticed her with glassy eyes and her red cheeks she couldn't hold back anymore, I took advantage of the carelessness of her colleagues and decided to drive her crazy, she slipped under the desk. He stood in front of her desired vagina and with his cold hands he began to travel her legs starting at her ankles and going up as she opened them to give him full access, noting that she was not wearing underwear, which heated him to such an extent that I don't hesitate to reach out and lick her vagina slowly. Which produced a slight moan from her.


Unfortunately for both of them, a partner noticed how excited his partner was and asked if she was okay. To which she only replied yes, but that she had some heat.


At that moment the most logical thing was to try to return to her desk without them noticing what she was doing, but she had been provoking him for days and this time it would be her little revenge, so while she with difficulty interacting with her partner, she took the opportunity to lightly penetrate her vagina with his divine fingers. Rationally she closed her legs, but her accomplice did not withdraw her hand and began to draw small circles inside her. Although her legs were tightening more and more to impede her work, inside she was getting more and more wet and for her it was almost impossible to feign normality, so when she was about to reach orgasm she just got up from her position and did it. He left him under the desk and his other partner talking alone.


He slowly managed to get back to his post without his peers noticing. A few seconds later he receives a photo of her without clothes where she only wrote "I need you". He knew exactly where he was and even when it was risky, he was not going to allow her wet vagina to stay like this, besides that his bulging member needed to be soothed. I don't doubt it for a second and she managed to sneak into the ladies room as quickly as possible. Once at the door he wrote "I'm here."


As soon as she opened it, he pounced on to kiss her, took her hair firmly and nibbled at her whim. Having her naked against the sink and with her crotch at his full availability enchanted him. Totally immersed in desire with his free hand he squeezed her breasts tightly and also bit her hard nipples at will. On the right border between pleasure and pain.


Without any subtlety, he let go of her hair and once again he penetrated her with his divine hands and right there in the middle of the workday she went into his hands, her accomplice once again gave her one of those orgasms that soothe the soul. To silence her screams, she had to bite her shoulder and the cold sink held her body so as not to collapse in place. She was just finishing her orgasm when she released her thick member from her pants, turned her so that her red face and her big breasts were reflected in the mirror, without forgetting her beautiful butt, which was begging for a spanking, which of course she did not want Refusing, he left his hand marked on her white skin and looking directly into her eyes, he slowly penetrated her with his thick penis.


While with one hand he silenced her moans with the other he held her by the hip so he could feel every inch of her hot interior. She could watch in the mirror as each thrust brought her closer to her second orgasm of the day.


Her watery eyes and disheveled hair encouraged him to go the extra mile, making his thrusts increasingly brutal. I enter her as if there was a tomorrow, as if they were alone. When the second orgasm came she could feel the heat on his penis, for a second it crossed her mind to stop so she could give him a break, but for her it was never enough. And as soon as he gave up control a bit, she turned and invited him to sit down, turning her back to him, she sat slowly and was introducing his beautiful penis inside her once more. With the sole intention of giving his accomplice the best of pleasures, he began to move up and down, only seeking to increase the friction between their parts and to obey his moans. She turned her hips to feel his cock in glory and majesty inside her.


He was enjoying every touch, so he squeezed her breasts tightly and set the pace he needed to reach the desired orgasm, she without questioning and surrendered to his hands that asked her to accelerate the pace, she was ready to do anything to please him as he did her, If his moans asked for depth, she melted inside him. With his penis inside I felt so full, and it excited him even more to know the effect his body had on him, at that time he couldn't understand that what they were doing was forbidden, if it felt like being in paradise.


When they picked up the pace again he had to silence her moans. For her jumping between her legs had already become her favorite sport and she knew clearly that even if it was forbidden her crotches would always be at her entire disposal. With each jump her breasts jumped and she could feel that his penis tightened, in one of the jumps he took her by the shoulders and pushed her to fill her inside as much as she could, that's when she felt inside him how he came from a colossal shape inside. Letting him spill all his milk inside. Enjoying the moment she rests her head on his shoulder and welcomes every last drop of her orgasm.


Now returned to their reality, both try to calm their bodies and go back to working as much spare parts as possible. But with her disheveled hair, her watery eyes with so much pleasure, and her puffy lips don't make things much easier. Finally, each one with a smile on their faces and their tired bodies go to their respective positions to continue with their work and hoping that their companions did not notice the sex session that happened in the bathroom. 


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